Spanning the distance for online students

Written by Sandra Yaegle, Head of Public Services

In the 2013 Customer Satisfaction Survey, we received a number of comments from distance students concerning the problem of making full use of a Library one rarely or never visits. The following three comments are representative:

  • “I feel like I do not have a good grasp on how the Library services can be maximized by distance students.”
  • “As a distance student, I find the website is a little convoluted, and I’m often not able to access helpful materials because I can’t keep the web locations straight.”
  • “Being a distance student, I rely on full-text options. Unfortunately, when I need books I must travel 150 miles to the Library to access.”

The Library understands that being a distance student brings added challenges to the research process. Here are links to some of the most important pages on the Library website to help you maximize your Library experience, no matter where you are:

  • LibGuides—LibGuides are research guides developed by the Library faculty that cover all the disciplines and many of the individual classes taught at Regent.
  • InterLibrary Loan—Distance students can use our InterLibrary Loan service to obtain full-text articles not available from the Library databases as well as to have books and DVDs from the Library collection shipped to them at no charge.
  • Services for Distance Learners—The Library will reimburse distance students up to $100 for a library card at an academic, public, or special library.
  • LibAnswers—Search our knowledge base for frequently asked library and research questions or submit your question directly to the Reference Desk.
  • Meet our Library Faculty—Find out who the Library’s subject specialist is in your discipline.

The librarians regularly review the website and strive to make it more easily functional. If you find something unclear on one of our webpages, please let us know by taking a minute to fill out an online Comments or Suggestions Form.

Image Credit: Encyclopædia Britannica Image Quest, “The View From Akashi Kaikyo Bridge”, accessed 2 Aug 2013,  Click here to find out where you can get terrific images (complete with citations) like this for your projects.