Feedback Express — Yes, we have popular magazines!

Written by Georgi Bordner, Head of Technical Services

In the 2013 Customer Satisfaction Survey, several of you wrote that you sometimes like to take a break from studying by reading popular, non-academic magazines. We received comments such as:

  • “I’d like to read the Economist, Newsweek, and other popular magazines, but I’ve never found them.”
  • “My only request is that additional material be available for personal reading/viewing.”
  • “I had to go to another university library once to find older versions of Rolling Stone magazine.”
Use the Full-Text Journal Finder to find out which database has a magazine in full-text.
If you are looking for a popular magazine such as the Economist, Newsweek, Time, Rolling Stone, Ebony, or Sports Illustrated, we have good news for you: They ARE available in the Library! Although we need to concentrate on providing scholarly and professional journals, the Library still receives a few magazines, including the Economist, Time, and Ebony. Did you know that Newsweek is not even being published in paper format anymore, and is now only available electronically? You’ll find it, along with many other popular titles, in our databases, where they are accessible 24/7.

To find a specific magazine, start with the Full-Text Journal Finder on the Library’s home page. When you search for the magazine title, you will be able to see which databases have it in full-text and whether we have the hardcopy in the Library. If you like to hold the actual magazine in your hand, check the Library Catalog to see

The Library Catalog will tell you which issues of a magazine the Library has in hardcopy.
which issues are available, or just browse the “current periodicals” shelves on the first floor to see what’s there. All periodicals currently being received are shelved in alphabetical order by title.

When you’re ready to relax with your favorite magazine, the Library probably has it, either on the shelf or online. Happy reading!