Library Matrimony: Suggestions for having the literary-est wedding

by Melody Diehl, Divinity Librarian

At the Library, we cannot think of a better way to celebrate a marriage than to have a library-themed wedding. For the consideration of our readers, we have compiled here some simple suggestions to ensure that book-loving friends and family don’t skip your wedding!

  1. Send circulation card invitations. This may confuse the younger guests who have never had the pleasure of filling one out at the circulation desk.”
  2. Host your wedding dinner in a library. (The rental fee for this place will set you back $50,000.)
  3. Get married under books precariously balanced overhead. Just make sure you have good insurance for the event!
  4. Throw pages in lieu of rice. (Actually, we do not promote book destruction. Never mind.)
  5. Encourage everyone’s inner-Merlin with well-placed book centerpieces.
  6. It’s okay for the bride or groom to read during the wedding shoot.
  7. Have a book typed on your cake, or create your cake from your favorite books.

Editor’s note: Melody Diehl is engaged to be married in October 2014.