Brightening the Library

by Melissa Danko, Cataloging Specialist

Contact us anytime with your requests or suggestions.

Contact us anytime with your requests or suggestions.

On the 2015 Customer Satisfaction Survey, we received several requests for improved lighting, including these three:

  • “I think that the lighting could be improved throughout the building; it could be brighter.”
  • “I prefer the second floor because that’s where my main sections are, but there isn’t a lot of cozy seating, and it is pretty dim.”
  • “The lighting could be a little brighter. It is a bit gloomy, which makes learners sleepy.”

We walked through the first and second floors and agreed. Facility Services has now replaced all the lights that had burned out or were malfunctioning. The library is now a brighter place!

We also have also placed suggestion and comment cards in plastic holders on the tables so you can let us know as soon as a light is not properly performing its function. Just return it to the circulation desk, and we take it from there. There is also an online form you can use if you prefer. Please let us know whenever you have a suggestion to improve the learning environment inside the Library!