Book Discussion with Dr. Michael Palmer

Marilynne Robinson is one of the great living American novelists. She is also a Christian who takes theology seriously. Lila, published last October, is her third novel set in the fictional prairie town of Gilead, Iowa. The narrative focuses on the courtship and marriage of the town’s pastor, Rev. John Ames with Lila, a drifter and itinerant worker who shows up in his church one day because it’s the only available shelter from the rain. The couple is brought together by their appreciation of the beauty of nature and the possibility of grace. The novel ends with the birth of their son.

On Thursday, March 26 at 12:00, Dr. Michael Palmer, Professor of Philosophy in the School of Divinity, will lead a discussion of Lila in the Library Conference Room. Distance students and faculty are invited to join in via Google Hangouts:

For more information about this or other literature events at the Library, see the Library Book Club webpage, or contact Harold Henkel at

Database Trial: Statista

The Library has a trial subscription to Statista, the worldwide largest aggregator of statistical data. Statista contains more than 1 million statistics in over 60,000 topics ranging from agriculture to media to marketing and demographic data.

As impressive as the sheer volume of data in Statista is, the really unique thing about the database is its interface, which Library Journal calls “elegant and incredibly user-friendly,” and the spectacular charts and graphs that can be exported into Excel or PowerPoint or saved as PNG files. Using Statista may be the most fun you have ever had with quantitative data!

Make your data come alive with Statista’s charts and graphs.

Trial expires March 24, 2015. Click here to take the Statista for a test-drive.

The Library’s seeks to acquire the best possible databases for the research of Regent students, staff, and faculty. Your input during trials helps us decide whether or not to subscribe to a new database. Please share your opinions on this resources by completing our short evaluation form.

Database Trial: The Criterion Collection

The Library has a trial subscription to The Criterion Collection. Widely considered the best of world cinema and comprising some of the most influential works of the last century, The Criterion Collection showcases the definitive versions of seminal titles in the history of motion pictures. Features accompanying the films include HD streaming, scrolling transcripts, and shareable clips and playlists.

Enjoy the greatest works in the history of film, such as Safety Last (1923), staring Harold Lloyd.

Enjoy the greatest works in the history of film, such as Safety Last (1923), staring Harold Lloyd.

With more than 700 titles spanning 1915 through 2013, The Criterion Collection has no rival for the study (and enjoyment) of film history.

Trial expires March 10, 2015. Click here to explore the database.

The Library’s seeks to acquire the best possible databases for the research of Regent students, staff, and faculty. Your input during trials helps us decide whether or not to subscribe to a new database. Please share your opinions on The Criterion Collection by completing our short evaluation form.

Research Liaisons: At Your Service

by Sara Baron, Ed.D., Dean of the University Library

Many people start their library research with the indefatigable Google. However, in the library world we agree with author Neil Gaiman that, “Google can bring you back 100,000 answers. A librarian can bring you back the right one.”

On the 2015 Customer Satisfaction Survey (CSS), we received several comments from students who are not sure where to turn with discipline-specific research problems. Here are two sample remarks:

  • “[The reference service] was somewhat helpful, but I think I kept asking librarians for source advice in subjects they weren’t as familiar with.”
  • “[Just] like students have an academic adviser, give each student an academic librarian that they can go to for help on particularly difficult projects, so they have a friend at the library.”

Yes, you have a friend at the Library. For each discipline at Regent, there is a Library Liaison who specializes in research in that subject and can help you find the best possible information for your projects. See the table below to find the research specialist in your discipline. Feel free to contact them directly or request help through our Ask a Librarian page. Whether student or faculty, your Library liaisons are standing by to help you succeed at Regent.


Research has shown that students with a GPA of 3.5 and higher frequently state that working with a librarian has helped them succeed.1 Library liaisons will:

  • Save you time by directing you to the best resources.
  • Meet with you online (Skype or Google Hangouts), over the phone, or in person.
  • Help you develop information finding and evaluating skills that will serve you well in your academic and professional careers.


Are you aware of the services your Library liaisons provide? These include:

  • Acquiring resources for your research and classes.
  • Developing research guides for your courses, or even a particular assignment, such as a big research project.
  • Teaching your students research skills in your classroom, in the Library, or online.
  • Helping you embed Library tools into your Blackboard courses.

A study published in Libraries and the Academy found that university faculty consider four functions of their libraries’ liaison program to be especially important:2

  1. Communicating with teaching faculty.
  2. Providing library services.
  3. Responding to faculty requests.
  4. Providing research expertise in the discipline.

The Library liaisons at Regent provide all these services and more!

Regent University Library Liaison Responsibilities for Instruction, Developing Research Guides, and Collection Development – 2014-2015:

Disciplines (Undergraduate & Graduate)

Library Faculty

Business & Leadership

Business Administration, Organizational Leadership, Strategic Leadership, Business, Leadership Studies, Economics

Harold Henkel


Communication, Cinema-TV, Journalism, Theatre, Animation

Instruction & Research Guides
Harold Henkel

 Collection Development
Sara Baron


Practical Theology, Theological Studies, Divinity, Ministry, Renewal Studies, Biblical and Theological Studies, Christian Ministry, Theology, Youth Ministry

Melody Detar


All programs, including: Curriculum & Instruction (including Curriculum Collection), School Administration, Higher Education, English Secondary Education, Interdisciplinary Studies (PreK-6 teacher licensure), Math Secondary Education

Sandy Yaegle


Harold Henkel

Foreign Languages/Studies

Hispanic Studies, French & Spanish

Harold Henkel

Research Guides &
Collection Development
Georgi Bordner


Government, Public Administration, International Studies, American Government & Politics, Homeland & International Security, International Relations & Foreign Policy, Political Philosophy

Jason Stuart


Harold Henkel

Information Systems Technology, Mathematics,

Biophysical Sciences

Jason Stuart

Psychology & Counseling

Human Services Counseling, Psychology, Criminal Justice

Instruction & Research Guides

Psyc/Coun- Sandy Yaegle

CJ- Jason Stuart

Collection Development
Sara Baron


1Steven Bell, “Keep Them Enrolled: How Academic Libraries Contribute to Student Retention,” Library Issues, 29, no. 1 (2008),

2Julie Arendt and Megan Lotts, “What Liaisons Say about Themselves and What Faculty Say about Their Liaisons, a U.S. Survey,” Libraries and the Academy 12, no. 2 (2012),