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Online reference databases

Written by Jason Stuart, Reference Librarian

Get your primer on crystal structure at AccessScience.
This column has already featured two of the Library’s electronic encyclopedia and dictionary collections: CredoReference and Oxford Reference Online. Online reference databases such as these are quick and easy to use, allowing you to search hundreds of encyclopedias at once. They are essential resources for distance students who may not have quick access to a traditional reference collection.

The Library has several other great reference collections available, and they are all housed in a handy list for your benefit. You can find the list on our databases page under “Browse by Category.” We want you to know where to find these collections so that you can take advantage of all their useful content.

Here are a few other resources you will find on the list:

  • Britannica Online: Much more content than the free version on the Web.
  • Blackwell Reference Online: Tons of encyclopedias covering most academic disciplines, all from the prestigious Wiley-Blackwell publishing company.
  • AccessScience: Covers areas such as biology, earth science, psychology, mathematics, and technology.

Check out the list and unleash the potential!


Image Credit:  http://www.nist.gov/srd/nist84.cfm