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Requesting Books and Articles not in the Library

by Ann Moriarty, Reference Librarian

Response GraphicIn the Library’s most recent Annual Report, we listed our holdings for some of the most popular resource types, including the following:

  • Print books: 322,124
  • E-books: 460,174
  • E-journals: 353,033
  • Streaming videos: 19,572
  • Databases: 219

While the librarians strive to select the best books, e-books, and journals to meet the research needs of the Regent community, it will never be possible to have all the resources that individual projects may require. In the 2015 Customer Satisfaction Survey, we received the following requests for more books, e-books, and journal articles:

  • “More books pertaining to student development would be appreciated.”
  • “I use the library almost exclusively. I wish more books were offered electronically.”
  • “We need access to more databases.”
  • “It would be nice if I were able to access the full text of more articles.”
"I need this article!"

“I need this article!”

The Library is always happy to receive suggestions for new books, e-books, databases, and other resources. To request a purchase, use our online form. If you need something quickly that we don’t have, our InterLibrary Loan (ILL) service can get most journal articles in 2-3 business days and most books in about a week.

If you need something even faster than ILL can procure, you might want to consider a visit to another library. The reference librarians can help you with emergency searching in other libraries’ catalogs. On-campus students have borrowing privileges at Tidewater Academic Consortium libraries, and distance students can be reimbursed for the fee for a card at an academic library in their area. For more information about these benefits, contact the Circulation Services.

While we are confident that the Library’s collection will meet the great majority of your research needs, with a little planning, even items that we don’t currently have can almost always be quickly obtained.

Brightening the Library

by Melissa Danko, Cataloging Specialist

Contact us anytime with your requests or suggestions.

Contact us anytime with your requests or suggestions.

On the 2015 Customer Satisfaction Survey, we received several requests for improved lighting, including these three:

  • “I think that the lighting could be improved throughout the building; it could be brighter.”
  • “I prefer the second floor because that’s where my main sections are, but there isn’t a lot of cozy seating, and it is pretty dim.”
  • “The lighting could be a little brighter. It is a bit gloomy, which makes learners sleepy.”

We walked through the first and second floors and agreed. Facility Services has now replaced all the lights that had burned out or were malfunctioning. The library is now a brighter place!

We also have also placed suggestion and comment cards in plastic holders on the tables so you can let us know as soon as a light is not properly performing its function. Just return it to the circulation desk, and we take it from there. There is also an online form you can use if you prefer. Please let us know whenever you have a suggestion to improve the learning environment inside the Library!

The Library doesn’t have what I need!

by Melody Detar, Divinity Librarian

But I need that article!

But I need that article!

Nearly all students have experienced the frustration of learning about a book or article that is perfectly suited for their research – only to discover the Library does not own it. On the 2014 Customer Satisfaction Survey, we received several comments from students who have experienced this situation, such as these:

  • “As I can only access the e-version, there are many resources which I need that are not available online.”
  • “The Library has a great selection of resources; however it doesn’t always have the journal publications or books that I’ve needed for my research.”
  • “The databases don’t always pull up the articles needed for research.”

So when you are conducting research and discover a book that would be perfect for your project or an article with a citation but no full text, what should you do? Here are some tips:

When you can’t find the full-text for an article:
Sometimes, you may come across information about a journal article in one database, but find that it does not have the full text. The Full Text Journal Finder is a tool for determining whether the Regent University Library has the full-text of a particular periodical (journal, magazine, or newspaper) in any of our 170+ databases. Simply type the name of the journal (not the article) in the search bar to see if and where the periodical is available in our online databases or in print.

When you need a book or article not in the Regent Library:
If you need a book that is not in our catalog, or an article from a periodical that does not show up in the Full Text Journal Finder, request it through InterLibrary Loan (ILL). In most cases, our ILL team can procure the articles you need and deliver them to you in PDF in 1-2 business days. Most book requests take under a week to fulfill. Distance students can also use ILL to have books shipped from the Regent Library to their home at no charge. The only cost to you is to ship them back if you will not be visiting the Regent campus before the due date. (Keep in mind, we allow up to five renewals as long as they are not needed by another patron.) Distance students may now request that up to two books per term be shipped to them from libraries other than Regent.

The librarians are committed to supporting the research and studies of the Regent community, so if there is a book or journal that supports your long-term research projects or teaching, let us know! We understand that borrowing items via ILL is sufficient for many course projects, but major research projects or new courses necessitate that we have the book on hand. We are happy to take requests for book and journal purchases here.

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Feedback Express — How can I suggest a purchase?

Written by Harold Henkel, Associate Librarian

On the 2009-2010 Customer Satisfaction Survey, we received a number of comments from students and faculty who felt that the Library collection was deficient in certain areas. The following remarks are representative:

  • The collection of films and plays needs to be bulked up. There are several classics in both that need to be in the collection but are not.
  • Need more resources on Christian feminists, Christian egalitarian writers, and women in ministry (ordained); would like to see more feminist writings in general.
  • I feel that the library needs to update its section on African Americans in the film industry.

The Library is always happy to receive suggestions for new books, films, periodicals, databases, and other resources. To request a purchase, use our online form or contact a member of the Library faculty.

If you have a question or concern about the Library that you would like to see addressed in this space, please use our online comment form or contact Harold Henkel at harohen@regent.edu.