Georgi Bordner co-translator and editor of The Librarians Manual, Spanish edition

In May 2013, Head of Technical Services Georgi Bordner, along with her colleagues Dennis Tucker and Douglas Butler, completed a revision and translation into Spanish of The Librarian’s Manual. The book has just been published by the Association of Christian Librarians under the title, El manual del bibliotecario.

The Librarian’s Manual is a textbook used to train librarians around the world. According to the publisher, the goal of The Librarian’s Manual is to teach a high level of library practice to non-professionals working in less than ideal conditions. It has been used successfully in Africa, Asia, Latin America and Eastern Europe.

Georgi and her colleagues translated much of the English edition and also added new material to bring it up to date and make it more relevant for Latin American readers. They hope that it will be used in developing and improving libraries throughout the Spanish-speaking world for many years to come.