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Websites for Educators: Christian Educators Association International

Written by Sandra Yaegle, Head of Public Services

If you are serving in one of our nation’s public school systems, you will want to be aware of the Christian Educators Association International.

The organization describes its mission as follows: “CEAI is a non-profit religious association with a membership service center in Westlake, Ohio. CEAI membership consists of teachers, administrators, para-professionals including any person hired by a school district. In addition, we offer associate membership to parents, pastors, school board members, youth leaders and others concerned or interested in the education of our children.” According to the CEAI website, they are the only Christian association seeking to support Christians working in public schools.

The resources they provide include the magazine Teachers of Vision, an inspirational daily devotional, information and support regarding legal issues, plus numerous other services. They announce events, workshops, and seminars that may be of interest to their members.

Several members of the education faculty have been pivotal members of this association. Regent University Library is in the process of acquiring archival materials from the early days of CEAI. More information about this special collection will be forthcoming.

Websites for Educators

Written by Sandra Yaegle, Head of Public Services

Inside Higher Ed

This site provides breaking news and feature stories in the field of higher education. These provocative articles include the option for the reader to provide comments. Another prominent tool at this site is an interactive blog called Blog U that includes an archive dating back to May 2008. There is a searchable database called The List that is divided into two components, Job Changes and Calendar. This database allows users to announce upcoming conferences or changes in their job title or status. Practical career column and job search sections are also included.

Websites for Educators: The National Center for Higher Education Management Systems

Written by Sandra Yaegle, Head of Public Services

The National Center for Higher Education Management Systems (NCHEMS) is a nonprofit organization whose mission is “to improve strategic decision making in higher education for states and institutions in the United States and abroad.”

NCHEMS provides an information site with the goal of providing policy makers and analysts with timely and accurate data and information useful for making sound higher education policy decisions.

This site provides comparative data that is delineated down to state and county levels. Helpful charts and analytic maps outlay the data in an easy to navigate format. The scope is broad and includes information on topics such as student retention and ethnic gaps. In addition, the site includes links to information provided by the Educational Needs Index and access to the National Report Card on Higher Education. The focus is on the United States, but a chart comparing the educational attainment of individual states to those of other countries that are members of the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) is available. Information for those interested in a membership in the NCHEMS is included.

Websites for Educators: The Learning Page at the Library of Congress

Written by Sandra Yaegle, Head of Public Services

The Library of Congress has an online archive of 100 different collections of rare and unique items important to America’s heritage called American Memory. This collection contains over seven million primary source documents, photographs, films, and recordings that reflect the American experience. “They are a treasure trove of unique personal items from another period in time – perhaps old records, letters with exquisite penmanship and arcane language, clothing, keepsakes, or faded photographs. These collections are ‘snapshots’ providing a glimpse into America’s past.”

To help teachers and college professors bring this important resource into the classroom, the Library of Congress has created The Learning Page. Here you will find interactive teaching units that present the archive in a dynamic way. A section on using primary sources includes suggestions for teaching students the importance of primary sources in their research. This page could also serve as an introduction to using the Library’s Sabin Americana 1500-1926 digital collection. Also included are teacher lesson plans and a professional development page for access to online workshops.

Websites for Educators

Education World logoWritten by Sandra Yaegle, Head of Public Services

If you are a teacher or administrator in elementary or secondary education, you will want to know about the web site Education World at This online education guide is divided into five content areas: lesson planning, professional development, school administration, the use of technology, and school issues. The team at Education World provides a place where educators can find information without searching the entire Internet. Topics include website reviews, daily features and columns, teacher and principal profiles, wire-side chats on education policy, and even a teacher’s market place. When you check out this site, notice the Mini-Site Guide that appears at the bottom of the main page for a great index to the content of Education World.