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What do they do?—Angela Masden

Angela Masden
Acquisitions Specialist

Acquisitions is a terrific area of library work. Once the faculty and librarians decide what monograph and audiovisual titles they want to order, I set about to find the best deals to maximize our purchasing budget. I love it when I can find a research level book on the Amazon Marketplace for a penny! Ah, those are the days. However, most days are spent looking for a used copy of an obscure psych DVD that normally sells for $400. (I hate spending $400 for a DVD.) Receiving follows ordering, and it’s like Christmas has arrived, as I get to open the boxes and be the first one to see the material. From here items go to Cataloging so that Regent users around the world can find the items in the online catalog.

I haven’t always worked in acquisitions. I began my career here at the Library as a cataloging assistant and eventually became the cataloging supervisor. I then became the periodicals supervisor and then moved to Acquisitions. In all I have worked here 26 years.

Though not Jewish myself, I have been active in the local Messianic Jewish community since 1983. I currently attend Congregation Zion’s Sake in Newport News and am active in helping grow a multi-home Messianic group here in Virginia Beach. I am amazed at the number of people who are devoting themselves to Torah life and excited about what God will do in this area in the future.


What do they do?—Paulette Thompson

Paulette Thompson
PeriodicalsBindery Supervisor

As the PeriodicalsBindery Supervisor, I am responsible for overseeing the entire operation of the Periodicals Department. This involves ordering new journals, both print and electronic, paying invoices, and maintaining holdings of our journals in order to provide accurate information to our patrons. I update coverage of electronic journals, which includes adding and removing titles that appear on the full-text journal finder page as necessary, and updating links in our catalog records.

I also work very closely with ProQuest, the Circulation Department Supervisor, and our students in preparation of their dissertations and theses for binding and publication.

I have worked in the Regent University Library for 26 years in multiple positions. I have been the PeriodicalsBindery Supervisor since 1995. I feel that God calls us to be the best that we can wherever He places us in life.

To me, the highest calling that I have in life is to be a mother of one son and two beautiful grandchildren. This privilege has brought immeasurable joy to my life. Quiet time with the Lord, working with my flowers, and cooking fun things are also pleasures in my life.

What do they do? — Kathy Watson

Kathy Watson
Cataloging Assistant

I am a Cataloging Assistant and have been at this position for 12 years. I catalog new books and gifts (books donated to the Library). Cataloging consists not only of entering a record into our catalog, but also processing and labeling the book or audiovisual item for use by our patrons. I also take care of damaged books, making repairs in-house and preparing more seriously damaged items for the bookbindery.

The Cataloging Department is essential to the success of the Library because accurate bibliographic records help researchers to know what items are owned by the Library, what they are about, and where to locate them in the Library or online.

My free time is spent enjoying my family and being an active grandmother to my three young grandchildren who live in the area. I also attend Courthouse Community United Methodist Church and Sunday school, and belong to their women’s group that sponsors many worthwhile charitable projects. My life is complete!

What do they do? — Ellen Cox

Ellen Cox
Library Budget Manager & Special Projects

I oversee the Library budget, help the dean with yearly preparation of the budget, track the expenditures on a weekly basis, and make sure that all invoices are coded properly before they go to the Accounts Payable Department. Additionally I work with Special Collections on projects and set-up display cabinets. The most recent is the Cabinet Displaying the Cartoon work of John Lawing.

I started work with CBN in 1980 and transferred to the University Library in 1982. I am currently finishing a BA in English (with a minor in Religious Studies) in the School of Undergraduate Studies and hope to graduate in 2013. When not working or studying, I enjoy traveling, playing the flute, spending time with my family, and occasionally writing poetry. A volume of my poems from 1968 to 1997 is in the Library collection. Here is a poem that was published in Campus Currents (a monthly newsletter for CBN University) in May 1983:

The Blessings of Spring

Speak to me Lord
through the flowers
that bloom
the birds
that sing
the voices
of spring
the whispering wind
the splashing rain
the sparkling
breath of spring.
Speak to me Lord
through the pale moonlight
the starry sky
the misty night the dew drenched morn
the shadows of first light
the sunbeams bright.
Speak to me Lord
through the blessings of spring.

What do they do? — Don Gantz

Don Gantz
Special Collections and Archives Assistant Supervisor

I have been at Regent University Library since 1994. I was a student here in the School of Biblical Studies in the mid-1980s.

The mission of Special Collections and Archives is to collect, preserve, provide access to, and interpret resources relevant to Regent University’s history, culture, curriculum, and special interests. Although items in Special Collections may not be checked out, most of our collections are available to access by appointment.

The Archives portion of the department is limited to the history of Regent. My position at the Library is sometimes known as “archivist,” which should not to be confused with “anarchist,” especially since anarchists are generally not much interested in preserving old documents and institutional memory! Preserving the documents that chronicle Regent’s history is important, since, as someone has wisely observed, if we don’t write our own history, someone else will. Because work in the archives keeps me out of sight for much of the day, faculty and students have occasionally seen fit to give me other titles, e.g. “Quasimodo” (from The Hunchback of Notre-Dame) and “The Wizard of Oz.”

The Special Collections are distinct from the Archives in that they extend beyond the history of Regent. For example, we have extensive collections related to the history of the Pentecostal and Charismatic renewal movements. The Special Collections and Archives department also creates most of the displays that you see on the first floor of the library throughout the year.

My favorite pastime is being delighted and tormented by my granddaughters Abigail, age 8, and Caitlyn, age 5.