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What R U Reading?—Feminism and Theology

Heather Brennan

Feminism and Theology, edited by Janet Martin Soskice and Diana Lipton
New York: Oxford University Press, 2003

Many people consider feminist studies to be an academic “man-hater” club for women. Feminism and Theology, edited by Janet Martin Soskice and Diana Lipton gives the lie to this notion. The editors’ use of essays, interviews, and short stories to guide their theological inquiry captured my attention. The book allowed me to engage in an unbiased exploration of feminist studies as the authors address biblical interpretation, historical approaches, doctrine, and the philosophy of religion and ethics.

Heather Brennan is a student assistant at the circulation desk. She will complete a Bachelor of Arts degree in English in the spring of 2011.

What R U Reading?–Blood and Fire: William and Catherine Booth and their Salvation Army

David Boisselle, MsHRM, MsED, USN-Ret
Director of Military Affairs

Blood and Fire: William and Catherine Booth and their Salvation Army (1999)
by Roy Hattersley

Last year, I attended a dynamic presentation by Joe Bardwell of In Jesus’ Name Productions. Joe is putting together big Hollywood money to produce Christian films on the scale of Mel Gibson’s The Passion of the Christ. The first of a projected trilogy is a biographical film about William and Catherine Booth, the founders of the Salvation Army. Joe’s presentation captured my imagination, and being a student of biography, I decided to read the compelling story of the Booths.

What R U Reading?

Young readers with books from the Library's curriculum collectionIf you think the Library only has grown-up books, you haven’t walked through the curriculum section on the first floor, near the door to Administration. The Library collects a limited number of children’s and youth books for use by education students developing curricula and lesson plans. Although our collection of these materials is smaller than what a good public library would offer, it evidently met the requirements of some young visitors to the Library in June. Seated with Dean Baron are Jubilee (age 8, reading Personal Recollections of Joan of Arc), Joshua (age 5, reading Love is Walking Hand in Hand), Christia (age 10, reading By the Shores of Silver Lake), and Laya (age 6, reading A Christmas Book).

What R U Reading?

Librarian Robert Sivigny takes a break from War and PeaceRobert Sivigny, University Librarian

In the Library’s Big Read finale event last February, Tolstoy scholar Andrew Kaufman mentioned that there was a new translation of War and Peace by Richard Pevear and Larissa Volokhonsky. This remark captured my attention as I have always wanted to read this classic. What an epic journey it has been. A magnificent story!

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What R U Reading?

Michael Palmer, Ph.D.
Dean of School of Divinity

“In the novel My Name is Asher Lev, Chaim Potok explores the tension that one Jewish boy experiences between the religious dictates of his Hasidic Jewish community and his need to express himself as an artist. Potok’s novel challenges me to reflect on the ways in which my own Christian community and I are inclined to invent false dichotomies between the life of faith and secular (i.e., non-religious but also not profane) activities for which some among us may have talent and gifting.”

My Name is Asher Lev is the Library Book Club selection for May. Dr. Palmer will lead a discussion of the novel on June 9 at 12:00. For more information, contact Harold Henkel at

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