Feedback Express: More signs, please!

Signs should look like this...

Signs should look like this…

For the past couple of years, a number of Library patrons have commented that finding one’s way around the Library was not as easy as it should be. The following comments from the 2013 Customer Satisfaction Survey are representative:

  • “Have more signs indicating there are more books upstairs, because the first time I ever looked for a book I got extremely confused.”
  • “It would be helpful if signage for call letters was more prominent on the first and second floors. For example, can signs with what call letters/numbers are on each floor be placed near the computers on the first floor as well as on the shelf ends and the entrance to the stairs and elevator? If they are there, I haven’t seen them.”
...not like this.

…not like this.

After studying all the suggestions we have received in recent years on surveys or placed at the circulation desk, we have fulfilled as many of these requests as possible without turning our interior space into a Library version of this. Lead Maintenance Specialist Sam Brownell has created many new signs that are intuitively placed around the Library to catch the eye without being intrusive.

To further enhance the navigation experience, we are in the process of making a full-colored tri-fold map that will soon be available at the circulation desk. Please communicate any suggestions for further signage on our online comments form.

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