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Reference Spotlight—Access World News Special Reports

Written by Jason Stuart, Reference Librarian

Access World News Research Collection Special Reports

Even if you have used Regent Library’s database Access World News: Research Collection, chances are you haven’t tried their Special Reports in your research. These reports cover most of the important topics in the news: the 2012 election, the current state of terrorism, the latest natural disasters, global economics and the current financial climate, gun control, immigration, and many more.

What do the special reports contain? Hundreds of handpicked news articles, background information, photographs and videos, useful websites, and even a list of search terms to use in your research. These reports are constantly updated, so you know you are getting current information.

Click here to log into Access World News. To go directly to the Special reports, click here.

Reference Spotlight—The Condition of Education 2012

Written by Jason Stuart, Reference Librarian

Editor’s note: Reference Spotlight is a new biweekly column by Reference Librarian Jason Stuart. The purpose of the column is to highlight important reference resources in the Library’s book and database collections as well as credible free internet sites.

The Condition of Education 2012, U.S. Dept. of Education, Office of Educational Research and Improvement. Washington: National Center for Education Statistics, 2012.

One of the reference works the Library acquired over the summer is The Condition of Education 2012 a resource of education statistics collected by the U.S. Department of Education, specifically the National Center for Education Statistics.

The Condition of Education holds data of interest to more than just those in the field of education. These statistics inform policymakers (I’m looking at you, School of Government); school, child, and family counselors; and even business men and women—perhaps your company will be concerned with the education level of the next generation of employees, or maybe you plan on franchising charter schools.

The Condition of Education is also available online at http:nces.ed.govprogramscoe, but for those of you who are tired of your computer screen, or just prefer the ease and organization of the printed page, we’ve got a copy waiting for you in the reference collection.