Feedback Express — Hold the pizza!

Written by Dorothy Hargett, Access Services Supervisor

From time to time, we receive comments or questions about the Library’s food and drink policy. On this year’s Customer Satisfaction Survey, one patron asked, “Is the Library’s food policy just a suggestion? I have noticed that no one seems to follow the rule that food is only to be eaten in designated areas.”

After a long day of studying, you may get hungry or need a drink. Feel free to bring a snack to the Library, but hold the anchovies please! Smelly, sticky, or messy foods can interrupt other users from their work and invite pests (e.g. ants and mice) that no one wants to have around.

We have confidence that Regent Library patrons will be considerate of others and avoid food items that create messes or distracting odors. Small snacks and covered beverages are welcome in most areas of the Library, with the exceptions of computer workstations and exhibition spaces.

Here are a few guidelines from the Library food and drink policy:

  • Limited eating and drinking are permitted within the Library’s public areas and study rooms according to the Food and Drink Policy. Use care when consuming any food and drink around computers and Library materials.
  • No outside food deliveries will be received in the University Library.
  • Non-alcoholic beverages in bottles that can be re-closed (screw top) or in other spill resistant containers (e.g., travel mugs, sports bottles, or water bottles) are permitted, except where no beverages are allowed.
  • Food and drink residue should be cleaned immediately with paper towels available in all restrooms. For significant spills or messes, please contact any University Library staff member immediately.
  • Snacks are permitted (except for pizza, burgers, and the like). Messy, sticky, or aromatic foods that leave stains or a sticky residue are not permitted.
    • Thank you again for helping to protect the Library’s facilities and resources and to maintain an environment that fosters research and creativity.