Patty Hughson receives Library’s S*T*A*R Award

On July 25th, Patty Hughson received the Library’s S*T*A*R Award for Outstanding service. The nominating criteria for this award come from the initials in the acronym:

S — Servant, “Second-miler”

T — Team Player

A — Adaptor

R — Resourceful, Reliable

Patty has served as the Library’s Supervisor of InterLibrary Loan since 2000. Every year, She and InterlibraryLoan receive glowing comments on our Customer Satisfaction Survey. Two comments from the 2011 CSS are representative:

  • “I am so very thankful for the great job Patty does in the ILL Dept. She processes requests promptly and she is a joy to work with!”
  • “I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE Interlibrary Loan Services and the people who work in that area. I rely on ILL to get my research done. Patty rocks! :)”
    • On the nomination for the award, a fellow staff-member wrote, “Patty remembers little things about people and follows-up… [she] is always ready to help out with events and offer suggestions for improvement. She speaks kindly when in disagreement and is ready for a hearty “yea” when in agreement with decisions. Her support is evident through prayer and tangible signs of edification of her colleagues.”

      Congratulations, Patty!