What do they do?—Angela Masden

Angela Masden
Acquisitions Specialist

Acquisitions is a terrific area of library work. Once the faculty and librarians decide what monograph and audiovisual titles they want to order, I set about to find the best deals to maximize our purchasing budget. I love it when I can find a research level book on the Amazon Marketplace for a penny! Ah, those are the days. However, most days are spent looking for a used copy of an obscure psych DVD that normally sells for $400. (I hate spending $400 for a DVD.) Receiving follows ordering, and it’s like Christmas has arrived, as I get to open the boxes and be the first one to see the material. From here items go to Cataloging so that Regent users around the world can find the items in the online catalog.

I haven’t always worked in acquisitions. I began my career here at the Library as a cataloging assistant and eventually became the cataloging supervisor. I then became the periodicals supervisor and then moved to Acquisitions. In all I have worked here 26 years.

Though not Jewish myself, I have been active in the local Messianic Jewish community since 1983. I currently attend Congregation Zion’s Sake in Newport News and am active in helping grow a multi-home Messianic group here in Virginia Beach. I am amazed at the number of people who are devoting themselves to Torah life and excited about what God will do in this area in the future.