You Spoke, We Listened!

Written by Harold Henkel, Associate Librarian

In March, the University Library conducted its most comprehensive survey ever of organizational effectiveness and customer satisfaction. We are grateful to the 571 students, faculty, and staff who took the survey covering all aspects of our operations. Your responses will have a direct impact on our future priorities and goals.

Here are some of the comments from the 2008 Customer Satisfaction Survey, followed by the Library’s response this year:

  • Sometimes it is difficult to find which database to start with and how to enter into a search by topic.

    As part of the Library’s redesigned Website, we have organized our electronic resources by subject and type at the top of the database homepage. Additional help in selecting the right database can be found in our new subject guides.

  • Sometimes I wish there was greater access to newer business books.

    The Library purchased two collections of electronic books that are especially strong in business, management, and information systems: Books 24×7 and Safari Books. Together these book collections provide our students and faculty with remote access to 20,493 titles.

  • Journal access seems limited to English Journals, many students can read in other languages such as French or Spanish and could benefit from access to foreign journals that have not been translated.

    As part of the Library’s strategy for supporting the University’s RU Global campaign to increase the global competence at Regent, we will be increasing our acquisitions of foreign language resources.

  • Perhaps more weeding of older material.

    From May 2008 – May 2009 the Library faculty completed the most comprehensive weeding project in the Library’s history, withdrawing 4,175 outdated volumes from the collection.

  • The only area I would improve is the furniture. It is extremely uncomfortable.

    Thanks to a generous gift from a member of the Board of Trustees, we have purchased some new furniture that should be in the Library this August.

  • Extended coffee hours-all day and night.

    Last fall the Library began renting an Flavia® coffee brewer that provides round-the-clock service. For only $1.00 patrons have a wide choice of gourmet coffees, teas, and hot cocoas. Approximately 150 Library users per month purchase a beverage.

While the budget challenges brought on by the global recession have precluded us acting on all requests (e.g. we received several requests for an online subscription to Rosetta Stone foreign language software), we will keep these comments in mind as collection funds increase in the future.

In a departure from our normal practice of assessing customer satisfaction with our own survey, this year the Library is participating in the LibQUAL+TM Survey, a scientific, rigorously tested survey administered by the Association of Research Libraries. LibQUAL is used by many of the world’s leading research libraries to optimize the services they provide their users. The enthusiastic participation of the Regent community last March has provided us with a wealth of information that we are in the process of analyzing to develop a list of action items for the coming year. We will report on our findings and plans in Library Link this August.