Book Discussion: Job & Oedipus: Evil, Affliction, and Scapegoating

Sphinx and Oedipus, ca. 450 BC*

The existence of evil and suffering by the good is one of the eternal questions of life. In the Hebrew Bible and literature of the ancient Greeks, nowhere is this problem projected in greater starkness then the Book of Job and the Oedipus Rex. For the final Book Club discussion of this year, Professor of English Dr. Jeremy Larson will lead a discussion of these two great works. To better understand the similarities and differences in these stories, we will also look at an essay by Catholic philosopher René Girard. For more information and links to suggested readings, see the Library Book Club webpage.

What: Library Book Club
When: March 30, 2023, 12:00 pm
Where: Library Conference Room and Zoom.

*Sphinx & Oedipus, Theoi Project.