Book Discussion: The Dark Night of the Soul

While imprisoned in a tiny cell for his efforts to reform the Carmelite monastic order, St. John of the Cross composed spiritual poetry on a scroll smuggled to him by a sympathetic guard. The poems tell of the soul’s longing for God.

After escaping from the prison and recovering from the physical cruelty of his jailors, St. John composed The Dark Night of the Soul, one of the summits of Christian mystical writing. The Dark Night is a poem about the soul’s pilgrimage from separation to union with God. Later, St. John added commentary to help beginners on the path. Since its publication around 1579, The Dark Night of the Soul has been essential reading for Christians seeking to deepen their walk with God.

On Thursday, January 25 at noon, Dean of the Library Esther Gillie will lead a discussion on this this classic text about the spiritual life. The book is freely available in print, online, and audio editions.

If you plan to attend the discussion in person, registration is appreciated but not required. For online participation, however, registration is necessary so we can email you the Teams link. Click here to register for both.