Bramwell Osula to lead discussion of Things Fall Apart on November 17

Igbo MaskWritten by Harold Henkel, Associate Librarian

On November 17, Dr. Bramwell Osula will lead a discussion of Things Fall Apart, by Nigerian author Chinua Achebe. The novel, first published in 1958, is recognized as one of the great African novels. The book is a powerful story about an Igbo warrior on the eve of British colonization and the establishment of Christian missions in the 1880s. Achebe’s father was among the first Igbo to become a Christian, and many of the details of the primitive church in Nigeria are no doubt based on his reminiscences.

Dr. Osula is Assistant Professor of leadership in the School of Global Leadership & Entrepreneurship. He first read Things Fall Apart while attending boarding school in Nigeria. Among his professional interests are global leadership and cross-cultural analyses, so he is a uniquely qualified guide to Achebe’s masterpiece.

If you possibly can fit the book into your schedule (it is only around 150 pages), don’t miss this unique opportunity to read one of the great world novels of the twentieth century. Both of the Library’s copies are currently checked out, but the book is available very inexpensively from

Our discussion of Things Fall Apart will take place in the Library on November 17 at 12:00. For more information on this and other Library literature events, contact Harold Henkel at 352-4198 or