Websites for Educators: The Learning Page at the Library of Congress

Written by Sandra Yaegle, Head of Public Services

The Library of Congress has an online archive of 100 different collections of rare and unique items important to America’s heritage called American Memory. This collection contains over seven million primary source documents, photographs, films, and recordings that reflect the American experience. “They are a treasure trove of unique personal items from another period in time – perhaps old records, letters with exquisite penmanship and arcane language, clothing, keepsakes, or faded photographs. These collections are ‘snapshots’ providing a glimpse into America’s past.”

To help teachers and college professors bring this important resource into the classroom, the Library of Congress has created The Learning Page. Here you will find interactive teaching units that present the archive in a dynamic way. A section on using primary sources includes suggestions for teaching students the importance of primary sources in their research. This page could also serve as an introduction to using the Library’s Sabin Americana 1500-1926 digital collection. Also included are teacher lesson plans and a professional development page for access to online workshops.