Fake News: Question everything

Venn diagram of false information on social media and web

On Thursday October 29, from 12:00 to 1:00, the Library will present the final program of its three-part webinar series on fake news and how to resist it in research. In this week’s webinar, Fake News: Question everything, Dr. Stephen Perry, Robert Schwarzwalder, and CBN News Director Rob Allman will discuss fake news in the media and how CBN addresses it from a Christian perspective. Q&A will follow the presentations. Click here to register and receive a Zoom link to participate.

Image source: Meel, Priyanka and Dinesh Kumar Vishwakarma. “Fake News, Rumor, Information Pollution in Social Media and Web: A Contemporary Survey of State-of-the-Arts, Challenges and Opportunities.” Expert Systems with Applications 153, (2019;2020;): https://tinyurl.com/yyc4xcwb