Georgi Bordner Heads to Guatemala with Librarians Without Borders

Librarians Without Borders: Putting Information in the Hands of the World Librarians Without Borders: Putting Information in the Hands of the World

Regent University Librarian Georgi Bordner will be travelling with Librarians Without Borders (LWB) members from across North America to the Miguel Angel Asturias Academy in Quetzeltenango (Xela), Guatemala from April 22-May 2 to collaborate on the development and operation of a school library.

LWB has partnered with the Asturias Academy since 2009 to support the Academy’s vision to build a sustainable community library in the school. Each spring, a small group travels to the Academy to do work in the school’s library, to discuss emerging needs with the school, and to re-connect with the students and school staff. In their sixth year travelling to Guatemala, LWB plans to work with the Academy to help cultivate a reading culture and increase book use and literacy within the school and community.

“Many Guatemalans are restricted from getting a quality education, in part due to a severe lack of access to books and literacy materials. In a country where books are taxed beyond the reach of the 75% of the population who live in poverty, it is almost impossible to get children excited about reading because many cannot get actual books in their hands”, said Mark Gelsomino, Co-Executive Director of LWB. “Our goal is to work with our partners to give the local community access to a sustainable public library”.

This year’s work at the Academy will include collection management activities (cataloging, processing, and organizing materials) and information literacyoutreach programming for students and teachers.

Georgi shares that she is “excited about this opportunity to use my cataloging skills and my knowledge of Spanish to help improve the library at the Academy and change the lives of the students there.”

Please pray for a safe journey for Georgi and all of the LWB librarians and that the Lord will bless their time in Guatemala.