Learn a foreign language this summer!

Do you know what foreign languages your friends at Regent are learning? Between May 2020 and April 2021, 1,203 members of the Regent community studied 38 modern, 4 ancient, and 2 English as a Second Language courses using the Mango Languages software. The course that saw the greatest increase in use was Haitian Creole, with 108 learning sessions, making it the 4th most studied language. 73% of all learning sessions were on mobile devices, with an average session length of 15 minutes.

Here, by order of learning sessions, are the twenty most popular Mango languages at Regent during the past year:

Rank Language Learning Sessions
1 French 1,107
2 Spanish, Latin American 637
3 German 113
4 Haitian Creole 108
5 Chinese, Mandarin 87
6 Portuguese, Brazil 85
7 Japanese 59
8 Dutch 58
9 Russian 42
10 Hebrew, Biblical 34
11 Greek, Modern 24
12  Tagalog 23
13 Hebrew, Modern 29
14 Greek, Ancient 24
15 Italian 22
16 Turkish 21
17 Greek, New Testament 20
18  Latin 8
19 Tamil 7
20 Arabic, Egyptian 6

Mango offers an amazing array of language and cultural products available 24/7 to current Regent users and alumni, including 72 foreign languages, 17 ESL courses, and special cultural training courses, such as Arab etiquette and Chinese business customs. For advanced learners, Mango even has full-length foreign films with subtitles and special learning tools.

Whether you are planning a mission trip to Japan, getting in touch with your Irish roots, or have always wanted to read the Bible in the original Hebrew and Greek, Mango Languages can help you achieve your goals. Language study is a crucial component for understanding another culture. While complete fluency in a language requires years of study, even basic proficiency will make you feel more at ease when abroad and impress your overseas contacts with your good manners in taking the time to learn some of their language. It will also make your time in a foreign country much more rewarding. As the great filmmaker Federico Fellini put it, “A different language is a different vision of life.”