Library Assists Seminary in Burma

Written by Georgianne Bordner, University Librarian

Rev. Hen Khan Go, Academic Dean of Zomi Theological Seminary in Burma (officially the Republic of the Union of Myanmar), visited the Regent Library on January 5th while on the East Coast as part of a three-month preaching tour of the United States. His connection with Regent dates from September 2008, when he attended a library training seminar in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. The seminar was taught by a team of librarians that included Regent librarians Georgi Bordner and Dr. Leanne Strum. In June 2009, he reported back to team leader Georgi that the training he had received at the seminar had been very useful in reorganizing and improving his library. Although the closest to Hampton Roads his itinerary took him was Baltimore, he made a special detour to visit Regent to get more help for his school’s library.

As he toured the University Library, Rev. Go said he was “amazed,” describing Regent’s Library as “huge” compared to Zomi’s library, which holds only around 5,000 books and one computer. He was very thankful for the approximately 40 books that we donated to his library. The books, which were duplicates of items already in our collection, will be greatly appreciated by the Zomi seminary students.

Burma is an overwhelmingly Buddhist country with Christians occupying only about 4% of the population. In Chin State, however, where Zomi Seminary is located, Christianity is the dominant religion, and the Church is growing, despite persecution by the authorities, as outlined in a 2007 U.S. State Department report. The University Library is thankful for this small opportunity to aid Zomi Theological Seminary in its mission to prepare pastors for Burma’s growing Christian flock.