Library staff volunteers at Union Mission

Ellen Cox and Sandra Yaegle sorting clothesWritten by Carol Sheets, Administrative Coordinator

The Regent University Library celebrated Christmas by giving of themselves to help those in need in Tidewater Virginia. On December 8th, the Library faculty and staff gathered at the new Union Mission warehouse in Norfolk and spent the morning volunteering. Most of the Regent crew spent their time placing on hangers all types of clothing for children, women, and men while others sorted shoes. Cindy Smith, from the Union Mission staff, explained that the clothing would primarily be sold in the Mission’s thrift store. Some of the clothing that cannot be sold locally is sent to Africa. “Nothing goes to waste,” Smith said. “Everything you see here, from the buildings to the food and clothing you work with, is donated. God has been good to us.” Smith went on to explain that the money that is raised through thrift store sales goes to help feed, house, clothe, and minister the gospel to the broken men, women, children, and families in the Hampton Roads community. The Library staff also decided to forego a gift exchange this year. Instead they gave toys for the children and food for the families that the Union Mission serves.