More Trial Databases

The Library currently has trials to three research databases:

AtoZ the World includes beautiful images of each country. AtoZ the World includes beautiful images of each country.

AtoZ the World
AtoZ the World is the world’s most thorough country-by-country resource for learning about culture and customs worldwide. AtoZ the World consists of 175 Country Guides of 100+ topics each. No other single resource covers so many topics, so well, for so many countries.”

Trial expires December 11, 2014.

Digital Theatre Plus
“At the heart of Digital Theatre Plus is the ethos to share the best of British theatre with teachers and students all over the world. We strive to offer the highest quality online experience of theatre arts, working with creatives and educators to ensure that watching and discovering the world of a play online is an exciting, relevant and authentic learning experience.”

Trial expires December 1, 2014.

Education Week
“For 31 years, Education Week has been the leading publication for coverage of K-12 education news and for reaching K-12 administrators.” The mission of Education Week is “to provide K-12 leaders with objective reporting on the news, trends and events that shape the rapidly changing education landscape. K-12’s most influential decision makers and educators in schools across the U.S. rely on us because they know our unbiased coverage is found nowhere else.”

Trial expires December 12, 2014.

The Library strives to spend its electronic resources budget on databases that best support the research of Regent students, staff, and faculty. Your input during trials helps us decide whether or not to subscribe to a new database. Please share your opinions on these resources by completing our short evaluation form.

Image Credit: AtoZ the World, “Dormant volcano Mt. Ararat frames Khor Virap Monastery, whose history reflects Armenia’s Christian identity,”