New database: Digital Theatre Plus

by Leanne Strum, Ph.D., Associate Dean

Regent University Library now has a subscription to Digital Theatre Plus, an online streaming video collection that brings you a front-row seat to the best theatre productions from around the world. Digital Theatre Plus gives you access to an extensive repertoire of award-winning performances from ancient to modern drama, musicals to opera—the range of genres offers something for everyone.


Digital Theatre Plus contains twenty-one full length productions including Shakespeare’s Macbeth and Much Ado about Nothing, Ibsen’s A Doll’s House and Eugene O’Neill’s Long Day’s Journey into Night, one of the greatest American plays of the 20th century.


macbethIncluded in Digital Theatre Plus are exclusive interviews with the teams behind each production, offering insights on current professional practice. Interviews include actors such as David Suchet, one of Britain’s most acclaimed performers on both stage and screen. There are also discussions with producers, directors, and technical engineers.

Study Guides

Detailed study guides provide students and instructors with rich insight into playwrights and their work. All of the study guides are written by highly respected theatre practitioners and academics who understand the grammar of performance and are able to peel back layers of complex text and meaning. The study guides immerse the reader in the life and times of the writers and reveal the craft behind their work as well as the architecture of each play, including character, context, history, close text analysis, and language.

To explore Digital Theatre Plus, click here.