Scripture-based article searching a snap with EBSCOhost’s ATLA Religion

Written by Robert Sivigny, University Librarian

Finding journal articles on a Scripture text or book of the Bible is easy and fun using ATLA Religion with the new EBSCOhost interface. How so, you may ask? With the ATLA database open, locate and click on the “Scriptures” link tab in the blue margin at the top left of the program screen. First navigate to the book of the Bible you wish to search, then either click on the book title or click on “Expand” to point your search to a certain chapter and verse. Once you click on the hyperlink Scripture text entry, your search request is automatically transferred as a search term into the search menu on the ATLA main search screen. If you only want journal articles, click on “article” under Publication Type at the lower right of the search screen. Then simply click on the green “Search” button and the program will display all the journal article citations relating to your chosen Scripture text.

To refine your search even further, add a second keyword term on the second line of the search screen menu. For example, suppose you would like to see all the journal articles relating to the Gospel of Matthew and leadership. Click on “Matthew” from the Scriptures menu on the left-hand margin and this will “paste” in “Matthew” as a Scripture text search term on the top search menu box. In the second search box, type “leader*”. Use of the asterisk after “leader” will cause the program to search all variant forms of “leader” (e.g. leaders, leadership). Limit the search to only articles by clicking on “article” under “Publication Type.” Click on the search button and 24 journal article citations display, 8 of which are full text right in the ATLA program.