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Trial database: AtoZ World Business

Through the end of November, the Library has a trial subscription to a database for anyone interested in global business, as well as the political, economic, legal, and cultural landscapes of 100 countries.

AtoZ World Business consists of country-by-country briefings with authoritative guides to 108 topics, such as business culture, investment climate, import & export laws, language, taxation, and security. In addition to the country business guides, the database includes 76 world trade resources in topics such as currencies, cargo insurance, NAFTA, sourcing, transportation, and weights and measures. According to the publisher, “no other product covers so many business topics, so well, for so many countries.”

AtoZ World Business features a completely intuitive interface and requires no training to use successfully. Navigation is so user-friendly that it is even fun to “click around,” so no matter what your interest in foreign countries, you will find something to interest you! To begin using AtoZ World Business, click here.

As always, we are eager to hear from our users about trial databases. Please share your opinion on AtoZ World Business by completing our short evaluation form.

Image Credit: AtoZ World Business, “United Arab Emirates.” https:library.regent.eduvalidate?url=http%3A%2F%2F0-www.atozworldbusiness.com.library.regent.edu%3A80%2Flogin_transport.php%3Fc%3Dregentedu