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R U Global—Global Perspectives on Counterterrorism

Global Perspectives on Counterterrorism, by Amos N. Guiora. New York: Aspen Publishers, 2011.

Reviewed by Leanne Strum, Ph.D., Head of Technical Services & Systems

Global Perspectives on Counterterrorism presents a practical approach to policy responses to terrorism, including interrogations, the proper forum for trying terrorists, judicial review, international law, and intelligence gathering. The book also uses innovative scenario-based instruction and simulation exercises that put students in the role of policy and decision-makers.

The author, Amos Guiora, is an Israeli-American professor of law at the University of Utah. He served for nineteen years in the Israel Defense Forces, where he held senior command positions in the Judge Advocate General’s Corps, including legal advisor for the Gaza strip. He is a recognized authority on the legal aspects of counterterrorism and morality in armed conflict.

In this updated edition (2011), Professor Guiora includes a new chapter on future hotspots of terrorism and the future of counterterrorism, with a focus on Mexico and Somalia. He also adds new cases, policy documents, and an updated discussion of terrorism events around the world. Global Perspectives on Counterterrorism also examines the different responses of seven nations (United States, Spain, Russia, Israel, India, China, and Columbia) to the challenge of modern terrorism. The book is highly readable and engaging.