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Books on Critical Race Theory

Critical Race Theory (CRT) is a movement currently in the news. Here are a few recommendations of books that discuss concepts instrumental in the development of CRT:

Crenshaw, K., Gotanda, N.m Feller, G., Thoman, K. (eds.) (1996). Critical race theory with key writings that formed the movement. New Press. KF4755.A75 C7 1995

Delgado, R. and Stefancic, J. (2017). Critical race theory: an introduction. New York University Press. KF4755.D454 2012 or online

Marx, K. (2000). The German ideology. The Electric Book Company. online or 1970 version HX276.M2782

The library sought recommendations from various faculty and administration members at Regent University for resources that provide a Christian perspective. (N.B. Works by Christians may or may not reflect a Biblical worldview.)

Baucham, V. (2021). Fault lines: the social justice movement and evangelicalism’s looming catastrophe. Salem Books. BT738.B29

Groothuis, D. R. (2000). Truth decay: defending Christianity against the challenges of postmodernism. Intervarsity Press. BT50.G66 or online

Mason, E. (2021). Urban apologetics: Restoring black dignity with the gospel. Zondervan. online

Tisby, J. (2021). How to fight racism: Courageous Christianity and the journey toward racial justice. Zondervan Reflective. BT734.2 T57

Trueman, C. R. (2021, February). Evangelicals and Race Theory. First Things. https://www.firstthings.com/article/2021/02/evangelicals-and-race-theory

Williams, T. J. (2020). Confronting injustice without compromising truth: 12 questions Christians should ask about social justice. Zondervan Academic. BR115.J8 W55

These books are available through the library. Check our new website for more information. https://www.regent.edu/regent-library/

– Dr. Esther R. Gillie, Dean of the University Library