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The ETDs (Electronic Theses and Dissertations) are here!

by Georgi Bordner, Head of Technical Services

The Library is excited to announce that graduate students are now able quickly and easily to submit their theses and dissertations electronically, through the ProQuestUMI ETD Administrator system. Gone are the days of carrying stacks of paper across campus and paying to have two copies bound for the Library’s collection. You now go directly to the ProQuest site and upload a PDF copy of your manuscript, which will then be available online as part of the Dissertations & Theses database. A bound copy will only be required by the Library if you choose to delay online publication for some reason.

We are confident that this new procedure will be a welcome improvement in the thesis and dissertation submission process, saving you time and money, and making your research available online faster than ever. For more information, contact your school’s thesis or dissertation administrator, and check out the Library’s new guide on Submitting Electronic Theses and Dissertations to ProQuest.

Feedback Express: Dissertation Processing

Written by Dorothy Hargett, Circulation Supervisor

For Regent doctoral students, the final requirement before the University Registrar officially enters the degree is to bring the copies of the dissertation to the Library for processing. The Library prepares one copy for submission to UMI Dissertation Publishing and the other copies for professional binding. Over the years, it has become clear that what should be a happy and easy final task is sometimes a source of confusion. On the 2010 Customer Satisfaction Survey, we received the following comment:

I have several concerns about the dissertation process. The information regarding this is not communicated well and the delivery options are not communicated well.

It is the Library’s goal to provide the best service possible for processing dissertations. To help students preparing dissertations, there is a step-by-step guide on the Library website to help make the process as smooth as possible. The 2011 dissertation team is committed to updating this document for greater clarity in response to user suggestions.

Thank you for your comments and, as always, it is our pleasure to serve you.