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New Full-Text Journal Finder: EBSCO A-to-Z


Users of the Library’s Full-Text Journal Finder (and this should be everyone) have no doubt noticed a new interface. The reason for this change is that we have switched from Serial Solutions to EBSCO A-to-Z. EBSCO A-to-Z offers greater accuracy in identifying periodicals to which the Library has full-text access. It also can be used to locate the e-books the Library subscribes to from EBSCO.

If the Full-Text Journal Finder is not yet one of your essential research tools, this is the perfect time to learn about what is perhaps the best time-saving resource on the Library website.

The Full-Text Journal Finder is a list of the nearly 100,000 periodicals that the Library has print or online access to in full-text. It allows users to search journals, magazines, and newspapers by keyword, title, subject or ISSN. If the Library has full-text access to the publication, the Full-Text Journal Finder links directly to it inside the correct database or Library catalog.

For example, if we needed to find an article in Daedalus, we can search by journal name to see what issues are available in full-text: