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Library honors courageous women of the Bible

by Ellen Cox, Business Manager & Special Projects Assistant

In observance of Women’s History Month, the Library has a new display: Courageous Women of the Bible. Six of the Bible’s most courageous women are displayed in the cabinets near the Gallery. Sarah, Deborah, Esther, Ruth, Mary, and Anna all answered the call of God on their lives. Through the ages they have inspired women and men to be brave and trust in the Lord. By their examples of faithfulness to God’s call, they remain a blessing to us today. The Lord continues to choose women of courage who will fulfill His purpose every day. Join us in celebrating God’s courageous women.

Law School faculty scholarship on display in the Library

Written by Robert Sivigny, Special Collections Librarian

Publications by 1L faculty from the School of Law are currently on exhibit in the display case in the front lobby of the Library (near the large globe). The exhibit is part of a series commissioned by the President’s Office to honor faculty scholarship from the schools at Regent. The display includes works by Dean Jeffrey Brauch and professors Scott Pryor, James Duane, Louis Hensler III, Eric DeGroff, Michael Hernandez, Douglas Cook, Bradley Jacob, Robert Ash, James Boland and Benjamin Madison III. The exhibit will continue through the first week of November.


Library celebrates opening of Wellington Boone Collection

Written by Robert Sivigny, Special Collections Librarian

On Thursday, April 22, the Library celebrated the Wellington Boone Collection with an exhibit ribbon cutting in the Library at 2:00 and a formal recognition reception at 4:00 at the Founders Inn. Over 100 members of the Regent community and visitors attended each event. Special guests included Mr. William E. Harrell, City Manager for the City of Chesapeake; Bishop Ronnie Crudup, representing the Fellowship of International Churches; daughter Nicole Boone who serves as a missionary with Goshen International in South Africa; Cynthia Ellenwood, Executive Editor with Wellington Boone Ministries; Dr. Michael Palmer, Dean of the School of Divinity; Dr. Carolos Campo, Regent President-Elect; Dr. M.G. “Pat” Robertson, Chancellor of Regent University; and School of Divinity student Rodney Platt. Friends, parishioners, and associates from Richmond, Atlanta, Chicago, Wisconsin, Texas, and several other places across the country were among the special guests in attendance.

Donated by Wellington Boone Ministries through the assistance of Cynthia Ellenwood, the Wellington Boone Collection comprises a rich selection of materials related to the ministry and life of Bishop Wellington Boone. An internationally recognized speaker for Promise Keepers, a pastor, and author of best-selling books, Bishop Wellington Boone was ordained into the ministry in 1973, the same year he married his childhood sweetheart, Katheryn. Wellington Boone Ministries, founded in 1986, seeks to disciple this generation to a level of holiness and consecration that brings the healing power of unconditional love to every person, home, church, and community. He currently pastors The Father’s House church in Norcross, Georgia and serves as a trustee of Regent University.

The Wellington Boone Collection includes office files, audiotapes, videotapes, sermon notes, articles, promotional items, photos, notebooks, CDs, Promise Keeper materials, devotionals, brochures, books, plaques, scrapbooks, and memorabilia. Included are several videos of selected Wellington Boone guest appearances on the 700 Club, TBN, James Robison, and Promise Keeper programs.

Also in the collection are several of Bishop Boone’s books and videos including Your Wife is Not Your Mamma, How to Have Heaven in Your Marriage, Women are Kingmakers!, Celebrating God’s Great Idea: Women!, Breaking Through, and The Low Road to New Heights. DVDs include Husbands Going the Distance, Going All Out for Your Wife, Daring to Hope, Heaven in Your Home, and the Total Domination: Taking Responsibility for Every Area of Life series: Character, Leadership, Relationships, and Christian Lifestyle.

The exhibit will remain open through the first week of May. Inquiries may be directed to Special Collections librarian, Robert Sivigny, or Donald Gantz, Assistant Supervisor of Special Collections.

Special exhibit highlights School of Psychology & Counseling faculty scholarship

The exhibit is located in the Library lobby.Written by Robert Sivigny, University Librarian

Publications by faculty in the School of Psychology & Counseling are currently on exhibit in the display case in the front lobby of the Library. The exhibit is one in a series of displays commissioned by the Office of the Vice President for Academic Affairs to celebrate faculty contributions and research in the various schools at Regent. The display includes works by professors Rosemary Thompson, Stephen Parker, Benjamin Keyes, Gabriel Dy-Liacco, James Sells, and Mark Yarhouse.

About the exhibit, Dr. Mark Yarhouse from the School of Psychology & Counseling remarks, “You see in this display a range of interests represented among these particular faculty members. We see our faculty members in the SPC contributing original research in peer-reviewed journals, writing textbooks for the broader field, developing Christian integration textbooks for Christians interested in psychology and counseling, and receiving recognition for their work and service in the field.”

The display will continue through the first week of March.

Road 2 Regent Multimedia Exhibit

Written by Leanne Hillery, Assistant Librarian

On September 10, 2009, the Road 2 Regent Multimedia Exhibit opened in the 1st Floor Exhibit Area of the University Library. The exhibit, consisting of photographs and video, chronicles the journeys of ten individual students and one couple: from their decision to come to Regent University through the impressions they have formed since their arrival. Both on-campus and distance students took part in the project undertaken last summer by assistant librarian Leanne Hillery and Library systems manager Mark Zillges. The project grew out of the Library’s desire to support the University’s global competency initiative and to celebrate the diversity of its student body.

According to Library dean Sara Baron, “The subjects of the posters were nominated by their deans because they represent a variety of stories and backgrounds. The Library was thrilled to work with these students on a fun exhibit that highlights diversity in our student body. We know there could have been many more participants.” The exhibit will run until October 30, 2009 and can also be viewed online by clicking the Road 2 Regent icon on the Library homepage.

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