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Saving money at the Library

It's easy to save your pennies at the Library. It’s easy to save your pennies at the Library.

Higher education is expensive, and academic libraries have generally been in the happy position of being able to offer students an extraordinary array of free resources and services. Of course, they’re not really free, but paid for by student tuition, but we librarians still like to think that libraries provide just about the best value for your money anywhere.

On the 2014 Customer Satisfaction Survey, we received a number of comments about unexpected costs associated with using the Library, including these:

Library Book Returned After 145 Years

Title page of returned bookIf you think your books are overdue, take a look at these links about a book recently returned to Leyburn Library at Washington and Lee University 145 years after it was stolen during the Civil War:



The Leyburn Library kindly waived the $52,000 fine.

Remember, it’s never too late to return library books!