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FMG Films on Demand: 50,000 films and documentaries

Last month,  we featured Academic Video Online, the Library’s largest streaming video database. Our second largest video database, FMG Films on Demand is equally important to search when looking for videos to enhance projects and presentations. Films on Demand contains more than 50,000 titles broken into more than 300,000 short segments for easy insertion into PowerPoints, blogs, and more. Content includes instructional films in nearly all academic disciplines, and documentaries from providers like BBC, PBS, HBO, and National Geographic. All films include APA, Chicago, MLA citations. Click here to try FMG Films on Demand. Please send any comments to librarians@regent.edu.

Reference Spotlight—FMG Films on Demand

Written by Jason Stuart, Reference Librarian

FMG Films on Demand

With more than 7,500 educational videos, FMG Films on Demand is a great place to start any research project. These videos come from sources such as PBS, Frontline, Ken Burns, Nova, Wide Angle, BBC, CBC (Canadian Broadcasting Corporation), and Channel 4 (United Kingdom).

Covering all academic disciplines, FMG is the world’s largest collection of online educational videos. You can search by subjects like business, communication, criminal justice, earth science, education, history, religion, and psychology, to name a few. They even have over 200 videos related to acting: performances, playwriting, interviews, and instruction. Whatever you are studying, there is something for you.

Each FMG video is broken into segments, and each segment has its own title, description, URL, and embedding code. FMG even provides citations for each segment in APA, Chicago, and MLA styles.* Final word: The next time you want to enhance a PowerPoint by embedding a film, check out FMG before going to YouTube.

Click here to begin using FMG Films on Demand.


*Editor’s note: As of this writing (November 15), FMG is working on a technical glitch that is blocking citations in APA and Chicago. We will update this article as soon as they fix the problem.

Thousands of films available online from the Library

Regent students, staff, and faculty have online access to thousands of educational films, documentaries, and dramas from three digital collections: