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Student artwork on display in the Library

Written by Robert Sivigny, Special Collections Librarian

For Our Shalom

For He shall grow up before Him as a tender plant, And as a root out of dry ground.

A painting by School of Divinity student Jacqueline O’Dell-Davidson is currently on display in the front lobby of the Library. Entitled For Our Shalom, the painting is a visual portrayal of Isaiah 53, a sample of what the artist calls “visual exegesis” (VE): “Instead of studying and processing scripture verbally or in written format, VE uses visual and physical means to exegete the Bible. VE’s purpose is to promote biblical meditation and worship via meditation on the Word.” Ms. O’Dell-Davidson says she always starts her paintings with prayer and makes every attempt to ensure that the truths of the Bible are foundational for each painting. Alongside For Our Shalom, she has placed a Bible, opened to Isaiah 53.

Born in the Philippines into a military family, Ms O’Dell-Davidson was raised in San Diego, CA and completed her undergraduate work in Montana. She has been painting since childhood. She is in her second year in the School of Divinity, pursuing a Master of Arts in Practical Theology.

When asked about her career goals, Ms O’Dell-Davidson says, “I hope to utilize art as a catalyst for marketplace ministry. Besides selling my own work, I’d like to establish an art-based “social-enterprise” whose mission will be to support artists, charities or missionaries, and businesses simultaneously.” She also hopes to teach visual exegesis someday.

Visitors are encouraged to leave comments in a guest book adjacent to the display. The work will be on display until the end of October.