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Special literature and cinema events on November 9th

On Friday, November 9, the Library Book Club will host two special events: At 12:00 Professor of Language and Literature Dr. Peter Fraser will lead a discussion of James Joyce’s Dubliners, concentrating on the final story, “The Dead.” In the evening at 6:30, Professor of Cinema Andrew Quicke will screen and lead a discussion of John Huston’s cinematic adaption of “The Dead.”

According to Harold Bloom, “The Dead” (1914), although written in a naturalistic style, “inaugurates the art of the mature Joyce.” John Huston’s film of “The Dead” (1987) was the director’s final film and is exceptionally faithful to Joyce’s story, making it particularly interesting to watch following a reading. The endings of both the story and the film are extraordinarily beautiful and will more than repay your time and effort in getting to know these works.

If you still think Joyce is only for high-brow types, do not be afraid! Dr. Fraser and Prof. Quicke are expert, gentle guides, and as always, the Library is here to help. You will find excellent educational videos on James Joyce and John Huston from FMG Films on Demand (Regent ID & password required). Our English literature and Cinema databases contain a wealth of helpful articles such as these two articles on the relationship between the story and film: