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Want to improve research skills?—hold class in the Library!

Professors and instructors looking for creative ways to improve their students’ research skills might consider borrowing an idea from Divinity professor Dr. Lyle Storey, who regularly holds class in the Library Reference area, right in the vicinity of the resources he wants his students to understand how to use. According to Dr. Storey, holding class in the Library has proved an effective way to introduce students to Greek and Hebrew language resources.

The Library faculty encourages faculty members to hold a class inside the Library. If desired, a librarian subject specialist can be present to work with students in their research. To reserve the tables in the Reference area for a session, please contact your school’s Library liaison.

Library Faculty Present at Summer Conferences

Congratulations to members of the Library Faculty who gave presentations at professional conferences this summer:

2008 Annual Off-Campus Library Services Conference; Salt Lake City, Utah

  • Marta Lee, Peer-review 101: Get Ready to Make Your Mark
    • Association of Christian Librarians 2008 Annual Conference; Quincy, Massachusetts

      • Sara Baron, Balancing Skills Training and Spiritual Enrichment in Library Staff Professional Development
      • Georgianne Bordner, Providing Access to Electronic Resources and Library Training with The Librarians’ Manual
      • Sandra Yaegle, Chat Reference: How Goes the Revolution?
        • American Theological Library Association 2008 Annual Conference; Ottawa, Ontario

          • Sara Baron, Acquiring Special Collections: Faculty Intentions, Family Inclinations, Librarian Interventions, Student Interjections.