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Finding everyday life in the Bible

Written by Robert Sivigny, University Librarian

How many of us have recollections of an open Bible on the kitchen table when we were growing up? Special Collections & Archives has a very special Bible on display, special not because of its age, size, or version, but special because this Bible was donated to us as is, stuffed with everyday items tucked into its pages, a testimony to how central this Bible was to the donor’s daily life.

Items include a vast assortment of unopened band-aids, work check stubs, sermon notes, bill statements, snack wrappers, newspaper articles, coupons, a church bulletin, a matchstick, more sermon notes, and other paraphernalia. The Bible is a King James Version, dated 1892, and as evidenced by the dates on the articles and stubs, we have reason to believe that the last owner lived in the Dallas, Texas area from around 1954 to 1972.

Take a moment and have a look at this most unusual display, created by Don Gantz of the Library Special Collections & Archives department. The display is located in the front display area of the Library, near the globe.

Library Celebrates National Bible Week with special displays

Geneva Bible, 1608. Now on display inside the Library.Written by Robert Sivigny, University Librarian

In recognition of National Bible Week (Sunday, November 22 through Sunday, November 29) the Library has set up two displays, one with old bibles from the Library vault and the other with foreign language bibles. The display with old bibles can be seen in the Library lobby as you come in, to the left. The display of foreign language bibles is in the lounge area by the lighted globe.

After viewing the displays you may like to explore the Bible Research links found on the Divinity & Religion subject guide. If you wish to browse through some print bible resources have a look at the Reference collection in the Ref BS 4.5 to Ref BS 2832 range.