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Rise Up and Build—Library faculty & staff raise over $1,000 for Regent Chapel

Written by Laura Thomas, Assistant to the Dean of the Library

“Rise up and build!” That was the charge at the Nehemiah Walk on April 28 as eight faculty, staff, and friends from the Library walked in a spirit of prayer.

Named for the prophet Nehemiah, who finished the rebuilding of Jerusalem’s walls after the Babylonian exile, the purpose of the Nehemiah Walk was to raise funds for the new University Chapel and School of Divinity building.

It was an amazing thing, the sense of community that was shared among Regent University’s leadership, faculty and staff, students, and families. Together we worshiped, prayed, and enjoyed one another’s company as we made our way around campus. Each stop brought both praise and petition for the great things God has done and for that which He has yet to do. By physically walking Regent’s grounds, we were able to see how God’s vision has been carried out over the years. I believe it stirred within all of us a new excitement for the impact that the new chapel will have on our community, and throughout the world. I am honored to have shared this experience with my fellow “Library Geeks,” who were able to raise over $1,000 as a team. We were able to “rise” to the occasion, along with so many others, to build walls and to continue building God’s kingdom.

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