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Feedback Express—Where are all the journals?

Written by Georgianne Bordner, Head of Technical Services

In the 2012 LibQUAL+® Library Survey we heard from a number of students and faculty who were concerned about the size of the Library’s journal collection, including the print subscriptions that we have had to cancel due to rising costs. We received comments such as “I feel badly about the cut to the Library budget that doesn’t allow the Library to keep up with many journal articles.” We want to reassure you that even though we have reduced the size of our print journal collection, we have thousands of journals available electronically, giving you access to many more titles than we ever had available in the physical Library building.

The Library’s goal in recent years has been to subscribe to as many online databases as possible, providing a greater number of resources to all Regent students, whether on campus or at a distance. Even though the current economic climate has forced us to make the difficult decision to cancel many of our print periodical subscriptions, we are always careful to assure that all canceled titles are available in at least one of our databases, so that access is not lost. We have also found it necessary to remove some older volumes of journals from the collection in order to make space available for newer materials, but again, we first make sure that the volumes in question are available online.

If you don’t find your favorite journal on the shelf where it’s always been in the past, check the Full-Text Journal Finder to find out which database(s) it is in. You can also check to see if we already have access to a title you think we should subscribe to. You might discover that we have a lot more journals than you thought we had!