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Not sure which database to use? Try a federated search with Research Pro.

Have you ever started a research project, but were unsure which databases to search? With Research Pro, you can search simultaneously up to 40 article and e-book databases. Known as “federated searching” or “meta-searching,” Research Pro can kick-start your project by pointing out the best databases for finding relevant articles. A “cart” on the results page allows you to print or e-mail article citations.

Here are a few tips for maximizing the usefulness of Research Pro:

  1. Be prepared to try several different searches. Because each resource indexed by Research Pro handles search terms differently, what works with one database may not work with another.
  2. Evaluate the articles retrieved by each of the databases in the left-hand column. Determine which databases retrieved the most relevant articles.
  3. Keep in mind that Research Pro does not offer the broad functionality of the databases it searches. For example, you cannot specify a date range or limit your results only to peer-reviewed articles.
  4. Research Pro does not search all of the Library’s databases. You should always check the appropriate Library subject guide for important databases in your discipline that may not be searched by Research Pro.
    1. To see all the online resources searched by Research Pro and to try some sample searches, click here.