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Library highlights publications by Psychology & Counseling faculty

by Ellen Cox, Business Manager & Special Projects Assistant

The Library is pleased to feature recent articles and books by faculty of the School of Psychology and Counseling. The works displayed are representative of the important scholarship published over the years by Psychology and Counseling faculty.

According to SPC Dean William Hathaway, “The scholarship activities in the SPC have received national and global attention in both counseling and psychology. While they have been rigorous enough for acceptance in first tier scholarly venues, they have also frequently had a direct real world impact. From helping ministers and counselors in Haiti more effectively deal with traumatized children to helping pastors better strengthen marriages, the SPC research is demonstrating internationally recognized Christian leadership that is changing the world.”

Among the featured publications is a copy of the Korean language edition of Family Therapies: A Comprehensive Christian Appraisal, by Dr. James Sells. Other notable books and articles include works by Dr. Glen Moriarty, Dr. Donald Walker, Linda Baum, Dr. Jennifer Ripley, Dr. Mark Newmeyer, Dr. Kathie Erwin, Dr. Mark Yarhouse, and Dean William Hathaway.

Stop by the University Library to review these outstanding works (the display is located on the first floor, near the gallery area), and be sure to congratulate these fine professors on their achievements.