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Too Warm? Too Cold?

by Dean Leanne Strum, PhD

Response GraphicThis past fall the Library conducted its annual Library Satisfaction Survey. One question asked our users to rate their satisfaction in several areas. One area was “temperature.” On the first floor 51% of the responders were satisfied or very satisfied with the temperature, and on the second floor 48% were overall satisfied. Unfortunately, there were a number of our users who were dissatisfied, and this is the group that has us concerned.
It is difficult to study or work when you either too hot or too cold. We received a number of comments on the survey and I want to share a few of them with you, because you are not alone.

  • “The first floor is sometimes too warm.”
  • “It is very cold and not very inviting.”
  • “It is too cool in the Library, especially in the study rooms.”
  • “… entirely too cold to do any studying.”
  • “Too warm.”
    • How do we address this issue? Our students are either too cold or too warm. Immediately we thought of our Director of Facilities & Engineering, Rich Jemiola, and we sent him an email regarding the issue. He was just as concerned as we were regarding this problem.

      The first problem that we uncovered was a lack of communication between our two departments. It appears that last fall, October to December, Facilities was working on an air handler on the fourth floor of the Library building, and that impacted the flow of heat. A decision was made that in the future the Library is to be alerted of known outages so that users can be notified. All agreed that this is important.

      A second problem that Mr. Jemiola noted is that in the summer the AC temperature is set too low. He requested that all complaints be reported so they can be addressed. If you are too warm or too cold, just stop by Circulation and let them know the location and time, or fill out a comment card located on each study table.

      Study room temperatures are particularly challenging because the building code requires that we let fresh air into the space. Due to the small size of the rooms, temperaturehumidity control is harder to maintain due to this influx of fresh air. Stop by our circulation desk and let an assistant know if you are experiencing a problem.

      Please be assured that we want to make “you,” our Library user, as comfortable as we can when you are studying in the University Library. Let us know anytime you have a concern or comment regarding any issue in the Library.

Feedback Express—Temperature in the Library

Written by Harold Henkel, Associate Librarian

In all seasons, one of the most frequent objections we receive is about the temperature inside the Library. On the 2010 Customer Satisfaction Survey, we received 8 comments that the Library is at least some of the time too cold, 3 that it is too warm, and 2 it is either too hot or too cold. Here are two samples: