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Book Discussion: A Child is Born

Georgics, Book III: Shepherd with Flocks (c. 5th century)

Virgil, Georgics, Shepherds with Flocks (c. 5th century)

Did the greatest poet of ancient Rome prophesy the birth of Christ? Professor of English Dr. Michael Elam will lead a discussion about the nearly identical language in Virgil’s fourth Eclogue (c. 42 BC) and the Nativity prophesies in the Book of Isaiah. Was Virgil a Messianic prophet, as Augustine believed? Was he familiar with the Hebrew Scriptures through Greek translation? Or, As T. S. Eliot argued, do Virgil’s works simply foreshadow a new moral vision that the early Church would in time spread to all corners of the known world? For more information and links to suggested readings, see the Library Book Club webpage.

What: Library Book Club
When: December 2, 2022, 12:00 pm
Where: Library Conference Room and  Zoom.