Corné Bekker to lead discussion of Life and Holiness on December 17

On Friday, December 17, at 12:00 in the Library Conference Room, Dr. Corné Bekker will lead a discussion of Life and Holiness, by Thomas Merton. Merton (1915-1968) was an American Trappist monk and prolific author of spiritual and contemplative writings, fiction and poetry, and works on comparative religion and contemporary issues.

In the introduction, Merton writes that it “is intended to be a very simple book, an elementary treatment of a few basic ideas in Christian spirituality….And yet the book emphasizes what is at once the most common and the most mysterious aspect in the Christian life: grace, the power and the light of God in us, purifying our hearts, transforming us in Christ, making us true sons of God, enabling us to act in the world as his instruments for the good of all men and for his glory.”

Dr. Bekker is an ordained minister and Associate Professor in the School of Global Leadership & Entrepreneurship. He is actively involved in research on the use of Biblical hermeneutics and spirituality to explore leadership. He is the editor of the Journal of Biblical Perspectives in Leadership (JBPL) and the co-editor of Inner Resources for Leaders (IRL).

Life and Holiness is 162 pages long, and as the author intended, easy to read. To check out one of the Library’s copies or to request a free excerpt, please contact Harold Henkel at