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ILL Book Chapter Requests Made Easier

by Fran McGowan, Reference Librarian & ILL Assistant

Remember – Use two Ls for requesting items not held by the Regent Library…

On the 2015 Customer Satisfaction Survey, we received the following comment requesting that a modification be made to the book chapter request form in ILLiad, our online Interlibrary LoanDocument Delivery system:

“The online request tool for book chapter requests needs to be more user friendly. If a direct link to populating the request tool cannot be provided in search databases, the tool itself should at least be modified so as not to require page numbers for book chapters, as sometimes the page numbers are not evident from the information displayed in the database or in footnote references to chapters elsewhere.”

...one L for enjoying the best in heroic Greek epic. …one L for enjoying the best in heroic Greek epic.

We agree that requiring book chapter page numbers when not always included by indexing databases makes no sense, and we thank you for your suggestion.

Accordingly, we have modified the book chapter request form in ILLiad to offer three options for informing us of the specific section of a book you need. Below are the options – only one is required, and you choose which to provide.

Finding Scholarly Journals

Feedback Express

In the 2014 Customer Satisfaction Survey, we received a number of comments from students regarding both the ease of access and quantity of our scholarly journal collection. Here are three examples:

New Service for Distance Students

Dorothy Hargett, Access Services Librarian

The Library is pleased to announce a new service for distance students. Until now, distance students have only been able to borrow books from the Regent Library collection. We receive comments about this limitation each year on our Customer Satisfaction Survey, such as these:

Feedback Express — Request vs. Recall: What’s the Difference?

Written by Jason Stuart, Reference Librarian

If it hasn’t already happened, at some point, a book or DVD you need will be checked out. What are your options?


If the due date on the item is within a week or two, you may find it satisfactory to place a request. This can be done online by clicking the request checkmark in the top-left area of the record. When you place a request through the catalog, the system will slot you next-in-line for checkout. Once the book is returned you will be notified that it is waiting for you at the Circulation Desk.


If the book you need has a due date more than a couple of weeks in the future, your best option is probably to recall it by going to the Circulation Desk or calling 757-352-4150. If the book or DVD has already been checked out for three or more weeks, the Circulation department will contact the patron with the item and request that it be returned within a week. Once the item has been returned, you will be notified that it is waiting for you on the hold shelf.

Distance Students

For distance students placing requests through ILLiad, there is no need to choose between making a request or recall: the InterLibrary staff will automatically recall any item that has been checked out for three or more weeks.